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Hi I'm Elizabeth!

Welcome to Believing In Beauty, your place for beauty tips, building self esteem and becoming your best self. I am a beauty blogger, creative at heart, girly girl, and I am so glad you are here!
Self Esteem
Become your best self
Become your best self with the tools you need to build your self esteem through self care ideas, positive role models, and most importantly, personal growth stories to support you in this awesome journey about loving who you are.
  • Feel truly beautiful
  • Gain confidence
  • Heal from your past
  • Share self love
  • Overcome your fears
  • Find happiness

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Makeup tips, product reviews, skin care and more.

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8 Ways To Feel Instantly More Beautiful

Today I am bringing you 8 ways to feel instantly more beautiful. These are practical and easy tips for you to implement in your daily life for when you need a little beauty refresher. Remember that truly being beautiful means that you have beauty in your heart, as outward appearance doesn't ... VIEW POST

Why My Faith Is Essential to Knowing My Self Worth

I have talked many times about the importance of knowing your self-worth and how it is an intricateĀ part of having a healthy level of self-esteem. My guess is that you are already aware of this knowledge and are likely in agreeance which is what has brought you here to read this post. What you may ... VIEW POST

How To Let Your Emotions Out In A Healthy Way

Raise your hand if you have ever broken down crying at work, gotten angry while driving, or had so much going on in your daily life that you didn't give yourself proper opportunities to talk about your feelings so they have built up and developed into anxiety? Everyone experiences so many emotions ... VIEW POST

12 Common Beauty Myths You Should Ignore

Have you ever found yourself making choices regarding your beauty routine based off of myths that you heard? There are many myths out there telling you to do or not do something so that you can feel more beautiful. However, which ones are actually true and which ones have been fooling you for too ... VIEW POST

7 Simple Ways To Start Your Day Feeling Confident

There are many days when the mornings feel either like a scramble or as though time is moving in slow motion. Along with this can come feelings of being unfocused or stressed which can play a role in your self-confidence. I want to share with you 7 simple ways to start your day feeling confident ... VIEW POST

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