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How To Let Your Emotions Out In A Healthy Way

Raise your hand if you have ever broken down crying at work, gotten angry while driving, or had so much going on in your daily life that you didn’t give yourself proper opportunities to talk about your feelings so they have built up and developed into anxiety? Everyone experiences so many emotions throughout their daily life, but expressing them in a healthy way seems to be where a lot of people get lost.

There are many simple ways that you can learn to let your emotions out so that you feel secure in your wants and needs, and so that you can live life in the best way possible while working through the tough situations in the healthiest way.

Instead of holding onto your emotions and shoving them down deep not allowing them to come out until they do in the least appropriate way, here are 10 highly effective ways to let your emotions out to help you deal with the things that are on your heart.

woman crying letting her emotions out in a black and white picture

Watch An Emotion Triggering Movie

Do you ever feel like you just need a good cry?

If you are a female, then I am going to bet that you have probably watched a sad movie just because you wanted to let some tears out. I know I can’t be the only one who does this!

Movies are an amazing way to bring out an emotion. You can watch a comedy when you need to lighten up and have a laugh, you can watch a drama when you want a good cry and you can watch a romance when you want to be reminded of the wonderful feeling of love.

If you find yourself too busy to watch movies, maybe it’s something you should make time for as it is a wonderful way to get in touch with your emotions and to let them all out in a safe way.

Next time you are feeling a little overwhelmed and lost in your feelings, try putting on a movie with the intent to let your emotions out. This just might help you relax and feel more clear headed.

Write In Your Journal

Journalling is something I recommend that more people do. It is a great tool to get in touch with your emotions as you are free to talk to your heart’s content.

You can write about whatever is on your mind or use journalling prompts to guide you. Either way, if there is something on your mind that has been bothering you, that you are excited about or anything that brings a specific emotion, writing about it helps to get it all out of your head in a way that you can more easily process.

Maybe you have no idea how you feel about something, for me this is often the case. I have learned that by simply starting to write about something, that all kinds of feelings come out that I didn’t even know I had.

Talk To A Loved One

If you are someone who has a difficult time sharing feelings and thoughts in a journal, then talking to someone might be a better option for you.

Sometimes it can be scary to completely open up to someone about your feelings, but it is such a healthy way to express them because unlike a piece of paper, or a movie, whoever you share your feelings with can bring you words of comfort and support and help you to see other sides to situations.

I recommend finding someone who you trust with anything you might share with them so that it stays confidential. If you are struggling to think of someone then a counsellor might be a better option for you and it is guaranteed to stay confidential.

Having a go-to person that you can readily share with when you are feeling completely overwhelmed, confused, anxiety-ridden, desperate or whatever else you might be struggling with is a must.

Allow Yourself To Cry

Have you ever told yourself not to cry about something? I hear this quite often and it always surprises me. Emotions are so natural to have as a human and although they are not always happy, our body needs to express them all.

You should never feel sorry for crying or as though it’s something you shouldn’t let yourself do as this just buries your feelings down inside you and this is not healthy. When you bury your feelings they will find a way to come up eventually and it might be in a way that you don’t have much control of or might manifest into a different feeling.

I have experienced this myself when I have sat on a sad feeling too long that eventually turned to anger. It’s not a nice place to be in and doesn’t help in dealing with the issue.

Just know that you are not being judged by the fact that you are crying as this is something that everyone does. Next time you start to well up, don’t hold back and see how good it feels to let your emotions out.

Listen To A Playlist

Like watching a movie, listening to music is another great way to stir emotions.

What I love about music is that you can pick songs that speak to exactly how you are feeling. After all, songs are written with a specific feeling in mind.

I love creating playlists through Spotify all around different emotions that I want to feel. Maybe I want to feel a sense of freedom and self-assurance, I would probably put on an upbeat playlist full of songs that make me want to move and dance in a way that helps me get in touch with my body. When I’m feeling sad I might put on a playlist to encourage those emotions to come out so that I can have a good cry. Or maybe if I am feeling contemplative, I might put on a playlist that is quiet and soothing so that I can calmly work through my thoughts.

I recommend you create a couple playlists with your favourite songs geared towards particular emotions so that you can let them out when you are feeling the need to.

Ask Yourself “Feeling” Questions

Are you ever not sure of how you feel about something or why you feel a certain way?

In these instances, a great way to figure out your feeling is through questions that help you dig deeper.

Here are some examples of questions that you can ask yourself when you are not sure how you feel about something:

  • What are 3 words that I would use to describe my mood right now?
  • What has contributed to my mood?
  • How is my mental health level right now?
  • What reaction am I having towards the situation?
  • What do I believe triggered my reaction and why?
  • How is my level of self-esteem right now?
  • What is the truth in this situation and what is the lie that I am getting hung up on?
  • What other situation have I been in like this one and what were my feelings that came with it?

All of these questions will help you to take a step back and analyze yourself and your situation so that you can get more in touch with your emotions to work through them in the best way.

Take Some Quiet Time

Have you ever found yourself in the heat of an argument with a loved one and you feel completely overwhelmed and misunderstood? Likely you are trying to communicate something but, because you are so full of emotions in the moment, you aren’t able to communicate in the most effective way.

One of the best ways to collect your thoughts and work through how you really feel in order to communicate more effectively is by taking some quiet time.

A 20 min break can do wonders in situations like this. It helps you to take a breath and think more clearly, especially if you struggle with anxiety like I have, then once you have collected your thoughts you can express your feelings in a way that helps you to feel more understood.


In my opinion, praying is one of the healthiest ways of expressing your emotions.

The beauty of prayer is that you can share all that is on your heart because it is a completely safe space and God is there to listen.

There is so much healing in prayer and God wants us to talk to him freely about what is in our hearts so that we can be freed from the burdens we carry.

Next time you are feeling completely overwhelmed with emotions, try crying out to God and sharing all that is on your heart. He truly does listen and wants to bring you comfort.

Use Abstract Art

Many people feel that they can’t take part in doing art if they don’t have a “talent” for it, but this is the beauty of abstract art.

Abstract art can look however you want it to. There are no rules and usually, it is guided by a feeling that you want to create, which is why it is such a great tool to use in expressing your emotions.

Maybe you are feeling particularly frustrated about a situation, it can feel really good slapping a bunch of paint onto a paper just simply going off of where your feelings take the brush.

You can use various colours to express the feelings you have, you can mix words or symbols into the piece, or you could use different art mediums together to build a picture of how you feel inside.

This is a very healthy way to let your emotions out and you could end up creating something you absolutely love.

Speak The Truth

Sometimes speaking the truth isn’t easy, and I do believe it’s important to know what is needing to be talked about or not, but if you are feeling strong emotions about a situation or something someone said, the best thing could be to speak up about it.

Allowing yourself to be brave and speak the truth can be incredibly healing and allows you to get your emotions out right away rather than sitting on them to fester or to tuck them away without dealing with them.

Speaking the truth doesn’t have to be unpleasant or disrespectful, as long as you are sharing with good intentions then it can be a great way to grow self-confidence.

Emotions Are A Good Thing

Imagine if we lived life without any emotions. Think of your favourite memories, what made them so enjoyable? Likely it was the feelings that you experienced with each special moment. We are guided by our emotions each day and that helps us to make decisions, plan our goals and dreams, and have different types of relationships with those around us.

Emotions make up so much of who we are as humans. Many people believe that being an emotional person is a bad thing. I class myself as an emotional person because I experience things with lots of feelings that I attach to, and I tend to react based off of my feelings, however, I have learned to appreciate being a more emotional person, because I allow myself to have the best experiences that I will always remember. I enjoy listening to my emotions and growing from them.

Learning how to use your emotions to benefit your life instead of complicate it is super important. I hope that these 10 ways that I have shared with you will really help you do that. You might even find that a couple of these will be your go to’s when you are feeling overwhelmed next.

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