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7 Simple Ways To Start Your Day Feeling Confident

girl starting the day by turning off the alarm clock beside her bed

There are many days when the mornings feel either like a scramble or as though time is moving in slow motion. Along with this can come feelings of being unfocused or stressed which can play a role in your self-confidence.

I want to share with you 7 simple ways to start your day feeling confident that I personally love to do and helps me feel more secure in myself.

As we all know that how your day starts will set the tone for the rest of your day, these 7 simple steps will help you have the best start by feeling great and more productive.

I recommend following all these steps in this order for the best results, but you can play with it to what works best for you. If you choose to add any steps to this list, I suggest keeping them short and easy tasks that you know you can complete.

Let’s get started!

7 simple ways to start your day feeling confident and motivated to have a happy and productive day.

1. Avoid Social Media

Is it just me, or does everyone automatically reach for their phone before their eyes are even open in the morning?

In this day and age, it seems as though we are trained to immediately think of whats on our social media when we wake up. It’s like we can’t start our day before knowing whats going on in everyone else’s mornings.

The issue is that by doing this you are essentially letting social media decide how to start your day. You can’t control what is shown to you unless you know all the inner workings of all the algorithms to all of the social platforms, but even then, it’s switched up so often and you could simply talk about something the night before and your phone will hear what to show you the next morning (yes its a thing, scary right?!)

girl lying in bed in pyjamas holding phone looking at Instagram, start your day avoiding social media

You could think you are just checking out what’s new in your feed and then all of a sudden you are shown a video of people abusing animals and then the next thing you know is that you feel sad. Or you could read a friends post about a stressful situation that is happening in their lives that makes you feel stressed. You might be shown beautiful pictures of someones OOTD (outfit of the day) and end up not feeling so good about the clothes in your closet, so you are left not feeling like getting dressed that morning.

My point is that you are choosing to leave the fate of your morning in the hands of a very emotionally unstable source when instead you could choose how you want to start your day and how you want to feel.

Take a hold of your morning right and choose to avoid social media first thing. See how your mind feels and how it affects your whole day.

2. Get Dressed Before Doing Anything Else

On the mornings that I have chosen to get dressed before doing anything else, I have found that I feel way more positive and motivated.

I am talking rolling out of bed and immediately going to the closet and putting an outfit on.

If I don’t do this and stay in my pyjamas, I tend to have a slow start to my day and feel overall sluggish. My pyjama’s feel so warm and comfy that I don’t feel like taking them off, but then because I feel comfortable I feel like sitting on the couch, and then I might turn on the TV cuz why not? It’s right there!… You get where I am going with this. You start by not getting dressed and then all of a sudden a couple hours have gone by and you haven’t done anything. This doesn’t end up feeling good even if in the beginning it kinda did.

So instead, start by getting out of bed and put on a light flowy dress and feel pretty, or put on your workout gear and feel like you want to get moving. Put on a fresh pair of pants and stylish top and feel more confident.

I guarantee that you will feel happier, more confident and certainly more motivated about the tasks of the day.

girl choosing a t shirt from a hanging bunch of shirts, start your day getting dressed

3. Choose An Outfit With Intention

As mentioned in #2, if you start your day by rolling out of bed and getting dressed you will feel much more motivated and happy.

In conjunction with this, what you choose to put on can also have an effect on how you feel.

For instance, you could wake up and immediately go to get dressed, but put on some sweats and an old t-shirt when your plan for the day is to meet a friend for coffee. You might be leaving the house feeling like you don’t look “your best” and that can affect your self-confidence, especially if your friend has a cute outfit on. However, on the other end of the spectrum, your plan for the day could be to work on an art project that requires messy clothes. In this situation, by waking up and putting on your sweats and t-shirt, you might feel more motivated to get started on your project, then once you see the work you got done that day you will feel more confident.

It’s not about what you’re wearing says to other people, it’s about how that outfit will motivate you to start your tasks for the day and how you will feel after completing your task.

Choosing your outfit with intention will create the vibes that you want about your day and motivate you to get things done.

white sneakers, pile of clothes and brown hat laid out, start your day choosing an outfit with intention

4. Listen To A Self-Esteem Boosting Playlist

There is nothing that moves me more than music. It’s a part of my soul and deeply effects how I feel depending on what I listen to. So, to start my day I like to put on an energetic and self-esteem boosting playlist that gets me moving and gives me words of encouragement and affirmation.

I love creating playlists on Spotify as I can create different lists depending on the mood or style of music I feel like listening to.

I put together a favourite playlist to start my day that you can find through my resources page Listen – Believe In Yourself.

You can start your day dancing and feel good about yourself by listening to this playlist too!

P.S. let me know if there are any great songs you think I should add to the playlist!

white headphones and laptop on a bed with white sheets, how to start you day

5. Have A Morning Checklist

One thing that has really helped me be more productive and keep me positive is working through a simple checklist of the main things that I need to do each morning. I like to have that checklist in view right when I wake up, so for me its written on a chalkboard hanging by my bed. This way I know I am going to walk by it and see the things that I need to do and can easily check them off as I do them.

I recommend putting things on the list that you know you can follow through with and also things that will make you feel good about yourself as you do them, such as the things I have listed in this post.

You also want to make sure this list is just a morning routine list, not a daily tasks list as that changes each day. You could add “create daily tasks list” to your morning checklist and then you are being extra productive 🙂

notebook and pen beside laptop on white bed sheets, start your day making a to do list

6. Wash Your Face With Cold Water

I used to be terrible with washing my face in the mornings, I think I often felt it wasn’t necessary because how dirty could my face be in the morning? Well even though the face does actually get dirty through the night, what really took me to wash my face each morning was how it made me feel when I did it.

Especially if I wake up feeling groggy, a nice cold face wash feels so good, that I actually crave the feeling now.

I recommend using cold water as it revives the skin and wakes up the eyes. I will use a cloth and soak it in the cold water and hold it onto my face and over my eyes. This is the best way to wake up in the morning and feel more energy.

A little tip as well is that if you get redness on your skin like I do, then the cold water helps to reduce it.

girl washing her face with water in the bathroom, start your day washing your face with cold water

7. Enjoy A Glass Of Lemon Cucumber Water

I remember the first time I tried lemon cucumber water. It was at a cute little baby shower and they had pretty little tea sandwiches and cookies along with a glass water dispenser filled with lemon and cucumbers. At first, I couldn’t imagine that it would actually taste good, but then I tried it and it was amazing how instantly awake and healthy I felt. It sounds silly but I found myself sitting taller, and smiling more, all because I had put something so fresh and healthy into my body.

We all know we are supposed to drink water, but sometimes it’s boring and taste blah, but the combination of lemons with the cucumbers goes so well and isn’t overpowering or sour so enjoying drinking it is easy.

I love making up a jug of lemon cucumber water the night before so I know that I will be enjoying a fresh glass when I wake up. It’s also really great for digestion and weight loss so there are many benefits.

lemon and lime water in glass water dispenser, start your day with lemon cucumber water

I hope you find this list useful in your morning routine and that you feel more confident and happy as you start your day.

What are some favourite morning routine steps that you take that I missed on this list???

Leave me a comment below so I can try them in my routine!


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