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How I Stay Motivated While Stuck Indoors

This week on the blog I thought that I would share a little update on where I am in my life and particularly how I stay motivated while stuck indoors.

This will be a little more of a chatty get-to-know-me type post as I thought you might enjoy learning about what I am up to right now, so I have included some health updates since having my son, what I am reading right now, some blogs I recommend that I am following and more around what keeps me busy at home.

*If you enjoy these types of chatty posts, let me know in the comments at the end of this post so that I can do more of these for you 🙂

How I Stay Motivated While Stuck Indoors

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First of all, if you have been following along on my posts in my blog, I just want to extend my thanks to you because having you read and engage with me is such a large part of why I love to blog. There are so many things that I love to share with you and have lined up for the year and it makes me super excited and motivates me knowing that you are right there with me.

Life As I Know It

Being stuck indoors is my life right now. I don’t have too much of a say in it as when you have little ones like I do its either too much work to get out of the house, or different things are keeping you at home such as sickness, naps, housework, meal prep and everything else that goes into running a household. The fact is that as much as I would love to be out every day, I find its just easier to stay in.

The downside to staying in all the time is getting cabin fever. After a while, I can start to get a little nuts and risk feeling low if I don’t do things to stay positive and keep my mind busy. After all, as much as I love my kids, talking about Elmo and playing with bubbles or blocks all day isn’t exactly feeding my soul. So, at least I have found different ways to keep myself busy and positive.

I am super excited because my little Joshua started sleeping through the night this week. It was a loooong journey of sleepless nights. 7 months to be exact of him waking on average 4 times through the night. It was tough. There was a span of a month and a half that my dear hubby willingly slept on the couch just so I could have baby in bed with me all night to try and get a little more sleep. Its the only thing that was keeping me a little sane at that point. Finally, Josh was old enough that we felt ready to sleep train him and get him in his own room and his own bed. Having our bedroom back has been so needed. It took about two weeks of sleep training (which broke me a couple times) but he did eventually get it and now I can count on having a full nights sleep which means I am starting to feel human again! And I get to sleep next to Cory which I missed greatly in that month and a half. This is the life with babies though and I signed up for it. It’s a good job they are worth it.

Health Surprise

Approximately a week before I had Joshua, I had what I thought was labour. I had incredible pain that took me to emergency only to be sent home and told that it was not labour. Luckily the pain had gone by that point. Was it false labour? No, unfortunately at the time I didn’t know that it was actually my Gallbladder. Often women during pregnancy can develop gallstones due to the hormone increase, and as I had multiple pregnancies in the span of two years, I was particularly susceptible but I did not know this until I already had developed them.

A few weeks after having Josh I had the pain again, and this time I felt it strong in my ribs and upper tummy on my right side. It was the worst pain ever, as bad as labour, and I ended up going to emerge via ambulance. For whatever reason, the hospital told me at the time that I was having a spasm due to a rib being out of place (this was their guess, they never actually checked my ribs). I spent a couple weeks having this pain every 2 days and going to the chiropractor but with no relief. Luckily I went to see my midwife for a checkup and she said that it sounds like Gallstones. I went to the hospital right away and told them what I thought I had, and after tests and scans, it turned out that this was the issue.

I was next faced with a dilemma. When people suffer from gallbladder pain from gallstones doctors recommend surgery to remove the gallbladder. I was 1 month post-op from my c-section and the idea of having another surgery right after with a newborn and toddler to look after was not something I wanted to deal with but I also couldn’t live with the pain. I knew that I had an appointment to meet with a surgeon for a month and a half later so I decided to take the time to do what I could to better the situation. I did a whole bunch of research and found that I could have the biggest impact if I changed my diet completely. So I gathered all my resources, made up a meal plan and stuck to it. This became the biggest unforeseen positive change in my life. Obviously, it’s not nice having gallstones, but by simply changing my diet and introducing a clean eating meal plan I stopped having gallbladder attacks and started to feel more energy and overall healthier and happier.

A month and a half later I went to see the surgeon. Essentially he told me that because I put in the work to change my diet and that it stopped attacks, that I could hold off on surgery for as long as I felt needed. This was amazing news as it meant that it was in my timing and control. So I set myself a goal of one year. At that time I’ll check in with myself and see how I am feeling. Josh won’t be so dependent on me at that point so surgery will be much easier to deal with.

Since switching up my diet and getting in the habit of meal planning, I have found that for one I love what I am eating as it’s healthy yet delicious, and two, meal planning has become something positive that I can focus on while in the house and it makes my evening meals easier to prepare. I actually can’t imagine going back to the way I was eating before and I love that I am putting my health first.

Eating healthy while stuck indoors helps keep my energy up and makes me feel better about myself all around making it easier to avoid the blues.

How I Keep Busy

Keeping busy for me is so important when I am stuck indoors as I am currently. I do make sure to take time to relax and have self-care as well as it’s all important so I have found a great balance that works for me. Here are all the things that I keep myself busy with.

What I am reading

Blogs I am following

  • Smart Twenties – is a super favourite of mine right now. Sam Brown is a 27-year-old who has a personal growth and lifestyle blog for women in their 20’s. I find her content to be a huge inspiration for my life.
  • The Blissful Mind – Catherine has a beautiful blog that offers mindfulness, self-care, personal growth, or intentional living
  • Simply + Fiercely – Jennifer’s blog is all about intentional living an building a life you love.
  • Notes From Joana – Joana writes for women in their 20’s and living a wholehearted life.

Shows I am watching

  • The Good Doctor – My hubby and I just started watching this show and we are loving it so far. It’s pretty cool seeing an autistic character in a role like this that shows the intelligence that some autistic people have and given that our oldest Max is Autistic, it’s inspiring for us to see what he could potentially be capable of.
  • The Voice – One talent that I possess is singing. I come from a musical family and I have always loved watching music-based shows. The Voice is one that I never miss as I love that the show is about finding true talent and never makes anyone feel bad because they may not “look” the part.

Self Care I am doing

  • Skin Care Routine – I have been taking this time indoors to create a really good habit with my skin. I have been trying new products and focusing on hydration and brightening my complexion.
  • Listening To Mental Health Talks – There are some great self-improvement talks out there that have been loving listening to including some great TED Talks, as well as The Marie Forleo Podcast, has some amazing advice.
  • Daily Self Reflection – I have been doing nightly check-ins with myself to see how I am doing based off of how my day went. Some days I do well and on other days I don’t do so well so I try to see where I could have done better be it with interactions with my hubby and kids or being better focused on what needs to get done.

Focusing On Blogging

In amongst all of my daily tasks as a wife, Mom and homeowner, as well as all the things I am doing that I listed above, I have been focusing a lot on blogging. This has been my biggest way I stay motivated while stuck indoors.

I love to write and creating my site that I am so proud of and with all of the content that I put out, it fuels me to keep going. Every week I get to create and talk about all the things that I am passionate about. It helps that it is a set schedule for me to work on as it keeps my mind busy and it’s positive for me. This helps pass my time when it would otherwise go slowly. It keeps me sane and gives me a chance to talk to people apart from little children running around me all day.

Staying in all the time isn’t ideal but at least I have found ways to make it positive. By the summer I know I will be getting out more as well and we are planning little family trips that will be a lot of fun.

What are some things you love to do while indoors??? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Hey Liz, Thanks for sharing about your daily motivation. With your daily self reflection, what are some questions you ask yourself to process/ check-in from your day?

    • Hey Charlotte! It’s great to hear from you! I start by asking myself how I feel. Do I feel overwhelmed at the end of the day and as though there are too many things to get done, or do I feel relaxed and as though I accomplished things today? I naturally update Cory on my day when he gets home and one thing that has started to happen is that when I have done too much in one day overwhelmed myself I say that I was trying to be superwoman. I have found that recognizing this helps me to see that I shouldn’t take on too much.
      I also ask myself if I in anyway lost patience with the kids today and if so, how much focus did I give them? I find that when I don’t push everything aside and give them some focus even for a little while in a day that I lose patience more with them because I am just running around trying to get things done without relaxing and enjoying my time with them.
      And then I ask how I have been towards Cory. Have I been respectful or disrespectful. Did I make an effort to show him extra love or did I not make that a priority today? When I don’t make it a priority we tend to get a little argumentative wth each other so especially when things are too busy, making time to show love can actually help the situation. At the end of the day I find that as long as I have given the boys attention and cory some love and respect then I feel at peace.

  2. As someone with a chronic illness, I resonate so much with this post! I don’t have a newborn or gallbladder issues, but I am stuck inside a lot of the time dealing with my symptoms and just trying to feel human. I recently read Jen’s book too and I’m obsessed with it! Planning on reading the money one soon. Congratulations on your baby boy! I hope things start working out a little better for you soon health wise!

    • Thank you so much and Im sorry to hear you are dealing with chronic illness, it can be a tough road. Keep up with reading positive things, it can be a little something to give you the lift in spirits that you need 🙂

  3. It is very important to take time out for yourself as well. I find great comfort in the kitchen, as well as in the office when I am working on my blog. Self-care is definitely important. However, I do understand how challenging it can be to stay motivated while you are stuck at home. great tips on how to stay motivated while stuck indoors. A great book with tea (for tea lovers)is always a good idea.

  4. Surprisingly it’s been rainy and cold here in SoCal lately. We’ve been indoors a lot too. Which is really hard with littles. These are great ways to stay busy without sitting in front of a tv all day 🙂

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