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Are You Wearing Makeup For The Wrong Reasons?

In the world of self-esteem, there is some confusion around what wearing makeup says about you. Being a makeup wearer and lover since I was a young girl, has helped me to realize that wearing makeup or not wearing it is not the issue, it’s the why behind why you are wearing it. Are you wearing makeup for the wrong reasons or the right ones?

There seems to be this idea that if you have positive self-esteem then you shouldn’t wear makeup, because if you do, then it looks like you are trying to hide your natural beauty, and therefore sending the message that you are not confident in who you are.

Are you wearing makeup for the wrong reasons? - Believing In Beauty

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If you are confident in who you are then the reasons behind why you wear makeup would not be to hide or distract from yourself, instead, it would be like wearing an outfit that makes you feel comfortable about the way your body looks. It’s a way to let your features shine and embody who you feel like on the inside.

If you are not confident in who you are, then are you wearing makeup to hide features or change the way you look? Are you trying to represent something you are not?

My Introduction To Makeup

When I was young, probably 7 or 8, and I first started to play with makeup, it was with my pink Barbie makeup set. You know the one that I am talking about, in the pink barbie box that had eyeshadows in every colour of the rainbow, and the most vibrant pink blush and lipstick. Playing with makeup at this time felt like it was a way to look more princess like. It was fun and creative. I wasn’t aware of how I looked to the world at this point so makeup was about play.

Barbie Makeup Set

When I started to properly wear makeup at 12, I was extremely vulnerable. This was when I was being made fun of for how I dressed, wore my hair and how I looked in general. At this time I remember makeup being a way to fit in. I did love playing with it still, but my reason behind why I wore it started to change.

I remember trying to fit in somehow, and Spice Girls, Britney Spears and other girl groups were big at this time, so I thought if I looked like them then maybe I would be liked.

At the time I didn’t know what I do now. The greatest lesson that you could learn about your appearance.

People won’t like you for how you choose to wear your hair or makeup, what celebrity you try to look like, or what brands you choose to wear. They will like you when you choose to embrace yourself and feel confident in who you are and the features that you have.

I wasn’t confident in who I was as a Teenage girl, so I chose to wear makeup in hopes that it would help others to want to be around me and then I would be confident.  Not only was this a bad reason to wear makeup, but it didn’t make me liked anymore because when it came down to it, I wasn’t embracing who I was.

Makeup In The Beauty Industry

As I became a young adult, my love for makeup grew, even more, taking me to makeup artistry school. I learned how to properly apply and wear makeup that looked flattering on my face and how to create different looks for different occasions.

It was through this time that I really dove into the beauty industry and started to recognize how much negative messages there were about body image. I realized that we are constantly fed with images of what we should look like and how we should “make” ourselves appear. Unfortunately, this is hidden behind one very attractive word “trending”.

The definition of the word “Trending” means what is popular now. It’s the new up and coming, and the message is that we should be apart of it if we are to be modern and attractive.

Somehow we have let this define how we should look and what we should wear, and if we don’t look this way then we aren’t modern or attractive.

When you ask yourself why you are wearing something that is classed as “modern” or “on trend” is it because that’s what everyone is trying and you want to be apart of that group? Maybe you will be liked if you appear more trendy? Or is it because it feels like something that represents you? Wearing things that are on trend isn’t bad, it’s about your reasons behind why you are wearing it.

One classic example of how “on trend” is a false representation of true beauty, is all the eyebrow trends in 2017. It got to the point where people were starting to respond with “this is ridiculous.” Some were classed as “fun” but really, how your eyebrows looked, became such an obsession that what was new became the must-try thing each day.

eyebrow trends in 2017

Coming To Terms With Makeup & Self Esteem

As I started to discover more about what it means to embrace true beauty and have positive self-esteem, I started to take a closer look at why I was wearing makeup. At this time I’ll be honest, I didn’t represent myself well. I was at the beginning of the self-esteem journey and was therefore not so confident in who I really was inside.

I chose to wear makeup a lot because I felt that I  needed to hide my freckles, or to add colour to my light complexion skin as so many other “attractive” girls didn’t have these features.

What I can tell you now is that back then when I would get compliments on my makeup I would feel grateful for the compliment but it would remind me of what I was hiding that I didn’t want others to see. However, now when I don’t wear makeup on days because I don’t feel like wearing it that day, I get compliments on my freckles and my complexion and I feel SO grateful for the compliment because it’s towards what I choose to show about who I am. It reminds me that it feels good for me to embrace my unique beauty instead of hiding it.

My Reason For Wearing Makeup

Wearing makeup for me has become a way to bring out my features and represent who I feel like on the inside. I am able to create looks that make me feel confident in myself and to like the way that I look not based on trends or what someone else defined as attractive.

I encourage you to take a look at why you wear makeup. What’s your story and why did you start wearing it? Are you following trends to fit in or are you finding ways to wear makeup that makes you feel good about the way that you look and your unique features?

Leave me a comment below about how makeup has been a part of your self-esteem journey.


  1. Great post, thanks for sharing! I now have days that I don’t wear makeup because I don’t see it as necessary anymore to look professional or put together. I still enjoy it a lot, but it’s not the end of the world if I run out of foundation or wake up too late in the morning.

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