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10 Winter Self Care Rituals

During these cold winter months, I find my self-esteem tends to dip down a little bit. Being the darker time of the year with shorter days and all the rain or snow keeps me inside a lot more than the rest of the year.

It is during the winter months that it is so important to practise self care a little more in order to stay positive.

I have put together a list of 10 of my personal favourite winter self care rituals that you can do too to stay positive.

Keep reading for these seasonal self care tips!

Winter Self Care

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1. Winter Blend Tea

There is nothing that makes me feel all toasty and warm while it’s cold outside more than tea. Being British born I am an avid tea drinker, but I like to switch up my teas throughout the year from the standard English breakfast.

During the winter especially I get excited about new teas to sip on while curled up under a blanket.

Some of my favourites include nut blends, peppermint and white chocolate cranberry.

Next time you are heading to the store, grab yourself a new tea to try and let me know which are your favourites in the comments below!Tea - Winter Self Care

2. Read A Book

The wintertime is the perfect time to catch up on some reading. Any excuse to relax for a few hours while still feeding your mind is perfect to keep you uplifted.

Try diving into one of your favourite oldies or grab a brand new book that you have had your eye on.

I like to read books that inspire me and help me to plan for what I want to work on throughout the year.

Right now I am reading one of my favourites. The Lauren Conrad Style book that teaches how to create the perfect wardrobe. I am excited to put this to the test this spring as I clean out my closet!

Lauren Conrad - Winter Self Care

3. At Home Spa

As the holidays can be an expensive time, there isn’t always funds left over for a spa day. But fret not lovely, I got you covered! Plan an evening to create a spa at home for yourself!

Light some pretty scented candles, run a hot bath with your favourite bath bomb, put on a refreshing face mask and soak away.

When you are all ready to get out you will feel fresh and relaxed!

I love to soak in the tub with my favourite bath bombs from Lush. My favourites include Butterball, Twilight and Big Blue.

Spa - Winter Self Care

4. Gratitude Journal

Any excuse to buy a new journal I will take as they are my favourite thing to collect. I especially love using them for positive self esteem building practices.

Rather than trying to start a journal about any old thing, make it intentional and easier to create a habit out of. Choose to start a gratitude journal to either start your day or end your day with.

Make note of what matters to you most, or a wonderful experience that you had. Share your memories in a feel-good way that you can look back on.

At Designs By Planner Perfect you can find some beautiful inspirational planners that I personally love and recommend!

Choose your perfect planner HERE:

5. Crisp Morning Walk

As much as you might want to stay tucked in all cozy and warm when a rare dry day comes around I encourage you to get out and go for a walk.

Walking is one of those things that until you are outside and start going, you probably won’t feel like doing it. But once you start it feels so good!

The fresh crisp air on the face and the energy of your body moving is something you don’t want to pass up.

Whenever I force myself outside for a brisk walk, I always finish by swearing that I would do it more because of how good it feels.

Walk - Winter Self Care

6. Moisturize

Winter is the worst time of year for your skin as the cold and dryness of the air creates dryness in the skin.

I know for myself, my face gets tighter and my hands crack and bleed if I don’t properly moisturize.

Take care of your face, lips and hands especially this season by picking up a nice moisturizer. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but you want to make sure that it will do the job!

Here are a few of my favourite moisturizers that heal and protect!


7. Give Yourself A Manicure

After moisturizing your beautiful hands, why not spend a little extra time making them feel and look more polished.

Spend a relaxing afternoon while watching your favourite show by giving yourself a manicure. Prep your cuticles, choose your favourite colours for the season and make your nails look pretty.

I am loving these Essie Gel nail polishes right now as they have a beautiful range of colours to choose from and they are super long-lasting.Nail Polish Winter Self Care

8. Vitamin D

There is one thing that wintertime always comes with less of, and that is the sun. Taking Vitamin D supplements is highly recommended to avoid seasonal depression.

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) affects over 10 million Americans each year and the #1 recommended treatment is Vitamin D. With less of the sun, we are not receiving it naturally, therefore it is important to supplement during this time.

You can go to your local pharmacy and pick up Vitamin D supplements over the counter to have on hand ready for the season.

Vitamins - Winter Self Care

9. Fresh Bed Sheets

When I am feeling quite sluggish and tired and in need of a great nights rest, my favourite thing is to curl up in my bed with fresh clean bed sheets.

Make a point to change your sheets more often during the winter months so as to help you rest more comfortably and deeply. You will have more energy and feel more positive in the morning by doing this practice.

If you haven’t bought new sheets for a while, then maybe this is a great opportunity to do that. Choose some sheets that feel good on your skin and that make you excited to curl up in bed.Bed - Winter Self Care

10. Take time to stretch

My favourite self care tip for the winter season is to do some stretching.

I find that it’s during these months that I stay curled up on the couch a little longer, 0r I take those lazy afternoon naps. Even after lying down for a while I don’t have much energy. But one easy fix is stretching.

Stretching helps to reawaken the body and mind. It makes you feel good like you can take on more. It helps you get through the really long days.

Spend at least 5 mins each day (preferably the late morning or early afternoon) by stretching out every part of your body. Take in how good it feels and breath slowly through each stretch.

Stretch - Winter Self Care

The winter season is a busy time with family and friends, parties and dinners, school wrapping up and then starting again after the Christmas break. Sometimes we forget to slow down and take a little time to do some self care and reset ourselves.

I encourage you to try out these 10 Winter Self Care Rituals to help you regain your energy, refocus on your happiness and to nurture your positivity.

I would love to know which self care practises you tried and how they worked for you! Leave me a comment below and let me know how you are spending your winter season.



  1. In this cozy winter season, treating yourself with such rituals is necessary!! All of them I do generally but not “Gratitude Journal”. Will surely try this one ! Thanks!

  2. In this cozy winter season, treating yourself with such rituals is necessary!! All of them I do generally but not “Gratitude Journal”. Will surely try this one ! Thanks!

  3. Loved reading this post! What great rituals! I am already doing some of them except I always forget to take vitamin D and I need to do more relaxing baths, change my sheets more often and get a gratitude journal – love the idea! Tea is life for me so I have all kinds of teas in my cupboard lol

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